Thursday, November 22, 2012

Different strokes for different folks!

EnigmaticCulture-So misunderstood...

Different strokes for different folks!

Wow, I must admit this little egg will scramble you! Brought to you by different yolks, they have a nice variety pack depending on what you like. This product is cheap, cheap, cheap! I find myself going for more of the bumpy series. Makes it feel a little more rough.If you are a really sensitive guy, then go for the smoother ones, like spider or twister or wave.

The stretchy material is soft and sucks to the head of your penis, add they included lube.But if you decide not to use it be careful, the  sucker will suck to your penis and won't let go. If you kind of like that stuff, pull the cap wide, slip it over your penis, hard or soft don't matter. Then pull on the tip. The egg won't come off at all and there's some fun pulling action on your big friend. If you like that kind of thing.

Once you cum it holds the mess in well. Unless you gush like a water fall then nothing will contain what you squirt. A flip inside out in the sink, a little soap, let 'er dry out, and you're good to go for the next time.

This works just fine for all girths from 5 way up to 6 or 7 inches. Length, well the 3 inch guy will be super excited, because this thing will work just great for you. Average length, well it goes about half way down, never get to ball territory. And you extra long guys, well this is like a little hat. Or it looks like one of those orange juicer things, you know where you cut an orange in half and twist it around that pointy up thing.

Anyway, this is a cheap toy to pleasure yourself. There's some repeat play value here.The other thing man, lube that baby up and push yourself in through the hole. There's a great feeling when your tip goes passing through that hole and rubs everything.

Aw you'll end up with lube on your hand no matter how careful you are. So have a towel handy. I hate it, lube on my hand and try to click my mouse.Oh yeah, these are super travel friendly. Take the little lube pack out of the center and it flys through airport security. The plastic package looks like a white Easter egg.Fill up the egg!

My star rating 8 out of 10
Overall easy to handle,clean and maintain. Suitable for small to medium members. 

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Boys and there toys!

EnigmaticCulture-So misunderstood....

Well Happy Thanks Giving, great now thats out the way let me introduce a toy called 

Sex In A Can Lady Lager

Not a bad product, had lil issue on the size. I imagined something tight but this was TO tight for me. This would be perfect for small guys but if your thick it can become uncomfortable. As long as you're under 6 inches I say you will do just fine. 

Its cheaper than a flesh-light, made from the same material, and the inner texture feels good! If you heat it up in warm water then use it for a second its easy to imagine being inside of a women but it does turn cold to fast. I found myself taking breaks to warm it up (not fun in the moment). 

With it's compact size the can again is really tight . If you do full suction it makes a farting noise, if that bothers you just unscrew it just a little and you should be ok. With clean up You can't use silicone lube on this product! If you do, the cyberskin basically melts leaving you with pink goo. Water-based lubes only for most adult products try Pjur (which is also on the same site) for a concentrated water-based lube. It's a little pricey,but diffidently worth it. 

My star rating 6 out of 10
Overall easy to handle,clean and maintain. Suitable for small to medium members. Not for large members.

I get paid to review it, so I do it .... AJ

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Enigmatic Culture The Beginning


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I get paid to review it, so I do it .... AJ